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    Meet Your Instructor, Rochelle Kindell Stanley

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    Module 1: Connecting to the Inner Hero

    • Lets Get You Connected

    • The 1st Key, Connecting To Your Self

    • The 2nd Key, Connecting To The Earth

    • The 3rd Key, Connecting To Source Energy. Video plus text below.

    • Understanding the muscle testing technique plus a list of limiting beliefs to test.

    • Spiritual Downloads and Tips.

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    Module 2: : What's Your Super Power

    • It's Time To Identify Your Supernatural Ability!

    • Which super power is your strongest... clairvoyance,, claircognizance, clairaudience or clairsentience?

    • Identify your super power. Video plus text below.

    • Imagination, Visualizing and Clearing Chakras. Video plus text below

    • Listen to the whisper

    • Check for fear based limiting beliefs for Module#2

    • Spiritual Downloads M2

    • To super charge your superpower practice this

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    Module 3: Using Self Transparency To Enhance Your Inner Hero

    • The Beauty In Self Transparency

    • Access Your Subconscious Mind

    • Emotional Freedom Comes From Loving The Shadow Side of Yourself

    • Emotional Transformation

    • M3 limiting beliefs

    • Spiritual Downloads

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    Module 4: The Signs Are Everywhere

    • Signs, Symbolism and Angels Are Guiding You

    • The Signs Are A Guiding Force

    • Connecting To Your Divine Team, Guided exercises, meditations plus text information below the video.

    • Tips for Spiritual Protection. Instructional Video plus text below

    • Check these limiting beliefs

    • Spiritual Upgrades

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    Module 5: The Real You

    • Let's Reveal Who You Truly Are

    • Finding Your Authenticity

    • Shine Baby, Shine!

    • Marianne Williamson's poem, Our Deepest Fear

    • limiting beliefs 5

    • Spiritual Downloads Module 5

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    Module 6: Your Body’s Truth Meter

    • Your Divine Channel

    • Healing the Divine Channel

    • Access more through Your Divine Channel

    • Healing Your Energy Field and Silver Cords (GOD Cord & Consciousness Cord)

    • Insights

    • Limiting beliefs m6

    • spiritual upgrades